How 2 years of SEO can help your business grow

How 2 years of SEO can help your business grow

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of clients and we’re happy to say that many one-time projects turned into long-term collaborations. However, one collaboration definitely stands out as the most successful and we want to take the time to tell you about it, not only because it’s quite remarkable, but also because it speaks for our SEO practices.


The Ribbon Room


We have spoken about the importance of perpetual SEO before and TheRibbonRoom is definitely the example that illustrates the power of monthly campaigns. Our collaboration with the client started in March 2014, when TheRibbonRoom had some results for the client’s targeted keywords, but those results were mainly on the second page and lower.


As you can see in these reports, this website had fast rankings improvements, most keywords that weren’t even in the first 10 results pages getting straight to the first page, even to number one. But the most relevant thing about this project is that these amazing results have been steady ever since. The keywords that we managed to bring all the way up to the first page became number 1 and they have maintained this position for two years now. Of course, this wasn’t the result of a one-time-only campaign. We did a campaign every month, depending on the keywords that the client wanted to improve, using a variety of content writing and link building techniques. In addition to the keywords you can see in this graph, we also used many other LSIs throughout the years, in order to push the main keywords and provide a wider variety of anchor texts.

ranks RR

Colour Ribbons


Colour Ribbons is a website of the same client, in the same niche, and we started working on it at the end of 2014. Unlike TheRibbonRoom, which had some results prior to our SEO campaigns, Colour Ribbons did not even rank in the first 10 search results pages, so right from the start this was a more challenging project.


The site did not pick up as quickly as the previous one and for a couple of months in a row the keywords seemed to be stuck between pages 5 and 10 (we discussed more about this here)The first noticeable results came in February 2015, so almost six months after the first campaign, proving that SEO efforts are worth it if you are consistent. Just like with TheRibbonRoom, Colour Ribbons quickly got to the top page, slowly but steadily. Now, two years after the started work on it, it ranks #2 only to TheRibbonRoom, both for general keywords and specific products categories.

ranks - Colour Ribbons

Overshadowing the competition


At this stage of our collaboration, the client is in an ideal position with these websites and dominates the online ribbon market. TheRibbonRoom ranks first on most keywords and appeals to small and wholesale orders, while Colour-Ribbons, the second result, caters for wholesale orders.

Ranking #1 for a set of keywords is the dream of most site owners, but having two websites in the same niche ranking next to each other is the ultimate combination. The client gets the best exposure for his business and also the most sales, since most users only enter the first and second sites they see.


Developing good SEO is a continuous process


Of course, we should point out that these final results were not obtained in a couple of months and that they required a few changes in strategy. Most importantly, monthly SEO campaigns are essential to maintain top results, because staying #1 is often more difficult than getting there (especially over the course of two years!). Without continuous SEO, a site that has achieved the 1st position can quickly go down, not only because of Google’s ranking updates, but also because of the competition’s constant efforts to get ahead.


Over the years, both these websites have gone through several changes and Google has updated its algorithms as well, so it goes without saying that we assessed and modified our strategies on a regular basis. Although they had different starting points and different evolutions, both TheRibbonRoom & Colour Ribbons got to the same outstanding results thanks to continuous projects and they both serve as great examples as to why effective SEO is all about being persistent!

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