The influence of LSI keywords over the success of SEO campaigns

The influence of LSI keywords over the success of SEO campaigns

Army of Maids is a house cleaning service in Florida, US, providing eco friendly maid services for residential clients in Orlando and neighboring areas. The company responds to a high market demand for home cleaning services, offering affordable and flexible solutions, while caring for the environment and the safety and health of its clients.

Army of maids – SEO Campaign

The company resorted to our Search Engine Optimization services for its official website,, which is also the main output for presenting and promoting its services, attracting new clients and provide them with a quick and easy way to book a service. Opting for the Advanced SEO Campaign Plan, Army of Maids benefited from a complete package of optimization techniques and practices that generated excellent results in a timely manner.

The Advanced Plan focuses on a larger number of links and website pages, both for the on-site and off-site optimization, which leads to an improved outcome with the search engines. OUR MAIN FOCUS! Furthermore, we provide high quality content, written by a team of experienced and talented professional writers, many of whom are native English speakers. The amount of written content is larger, preserving the originality and uniqueness of pieces.

Campaign Implementation

The Army of Maids projects was developed on two consecutive campaigns, in late November 2013 and January 2014 and it was a real success over Google’s latest Penguin update, which was designed to emphasize the importance of contextual phrases in answering search queries. To that extent, our Advanced campaign was created not only on the keywords targeted by the client, but also on LSI keywords, which significantly benefited the project and such great results wouldn’t have been possible without this implementation.

What are LSI keywords

The LSI keywords are long phrases that use the original keywords as a root and are more naturally inserted in any type of content, formulating complete answers to search queries. They respond to Google’s request of finding meaning behind words and improving content quality. The first campaign returned satisfactory results on all keywords and LSIs, including the ones that weren’t even indexed to begin with, and the second campaign came to support the first efforts and generated even a bigger boost in rankings.

Final Results

The table below is an undeniable proof of how important and how extremely helpful LSI keywords are in the post Penguin 2.1 era, where the meaning of a whole sentence is more important than particular words and finding pages with these matching words.

After two separate Advanced SEO Campaigns, we are proud to say that Army of Maids is a real achievement in the Penguin 2.1 aftermath and the improved rankings speak for themselves. This is just one of the many examples that prove the effect and influence of LSI keywords and of well researched and planned optimization campaigns, that never seize to focus on the latest developments in the field.

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