One client, three SEO success stories

One client, three SEO success stories

For this series of success stories, we will focus on three different websites belonging to the same client, with whom we have been working for more than one year. All three have shown great ranking improvements and continue to maintain their position on the first page in Google We’re really proud of these results and we believe that they show how much quality SEO can help an online business. In addition to being success stories, we believe the three websites make excellent case studies illustrating the various time frames SEO strategies need in order to be effective.

The Ribbon Room – #1 in search results after the first campaign


The first website that the client contacted us for was, an e-commerce website that sells ribbons, bows and accessories. From the very beginning, we had to appreciate the great development effort behind the store and the excellent placement of products into categories. sells ribbons for various occasions (weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s etc.) and this is reflected in the site’s categorization.

We’ll make a parenthesis here to point out that one of the reasons that contributed to the success of this SEO campaign was the fact that the client already had a good website with an intuitive design, clear product categories and fast loading time. SEO results do not depend only on the number of inbound links or the content quality; Google’s algorithms are getting more and more complex and they analyze a plethora of factors before determining whether a website should have higher rankings or not. The way the site is optimized in HTML, CSS or JavaScript and the way it is shown to the users also matters. The Ribbon Room set an example in terms of website quality and it offered us a good basis to start from. Basically, the site had great potential – we just had to polish it.

Start of the campaign

The campaign started in early 2014 and the client chose the Advanced SEO plan and wanted to start with eight non-branded, general keywords, for which we suggested a lists of related LSIs. One of the eight main keywords was already on the first page, but the others were ranking only on the second and third page, which wasn’t bad, but not too impressive, considering that their niche wasn’t that competitive. For the first campaign, we focused on thorough onsite optimization and wrote relevant METAs for the homepage and product categories. Next, we moved on to quality off-site optimization, consisting of articles, blogs, press releases and other texts. For these, we used a combination of general keywords and LSIs that linked to the homepage and separate product categories. One month later, the website’s rankings had already started to improve, some dramatically. “Buy ribbons online”, the keyword that the client wanted to optimize the most, hadn’t even been in top 100 results before the campaign, but rose straight to #4! “Small ribbons for sale”, which was in the same situation, even became #1! The majority of other keywords got to the first page too.

Driving growth through sustained SEO efforts

Seeing these excellent results, the client decided to hire us on a long term basis we continued with several others Advanced SEO campaigns. For these, we used a combination of the eight main keywords the client wanted to improve (now adding local search phrases for the UK) and a list of related phrases recommended after monthly keyword research. Month after month, the rankings got even better and we suggested consolidating them with unique, High Quality Blog Posts, published on high PR websites. Again, our efforts were successful and by the end of 2014, most keywords already held 1st position in search results. Our collaboration continued in 2015 and, because most keywords ranked really well, we focused on maintaining these results. This was done through High PR Blog Posts and the strategic optimization of specific store categories based on seasonal market trends. Currently, we are in the process of optimizing all products on the site.

The Ribbon Room is one our best success stories and, as you can see from the evolution of the ranking results in the spreadsheet below, results improved constantly even when Google made algorithm updates.


Colour Ribbons – proof that successful SEO takes time

Colour Ribbons big

A few months after the first ranking improvements in, the client requested a parallel SEO campaign for a similar website, We were looking again at a well-built website with original content. It had different categories than The Ribbon Room, but the niche was the same and we were quite optimistic about the outcome of the first campaign.

Start of the campaign

Starting with the Advanced SEO plan, we focused on eight keywords, some general, some branded, chosen based on the categories that the client wanted to improve. Once again, we optimized the METAs on the homepage and on all product categories. However, unlike TheRibbonRoom, the first results didn’t appear instantly. Before the campaign, only one of our keywords ranked on the first 10 pages; the others weren’t even indexed. The client was very understanding of the fact that SEO is not an exact art and sometimes you need to be very consistent in your efforts to see the slightest improvement.

We didn’t give up after the first month

We diligently continued with further campaigns, but only after four months did we notice the first major increase in rankings. Keywords that hadn’t even been in top 100 results were now indexed in top 20 on For the following months, we continued with Advanced SEO campaigns and High PR Blog Posts and in June 2015 the site reached results similar to the ones of The Ribbon Room. Currently, 3/4 of our targeted keywords are on page 1 and the remaining 1/4 increase at promising rates. The keywords that aren’t on the first page yet are very competitive, phrases like “organza ribbon” or “satin ribbon” and normally it’s very difficult to even rank with them, especially without location-specific terms. To bring these phrases to the first page, we established with the client to optimize each product on the website pertaining to the organza and satin categories, then continue with the rest, until the entire site is perfectly optimized.

Updating SEO strategies for Colour Ribbons & The Ribbon Room

As anyone who is familiar with Google knows all too well, SEO is one of the fastest changing fields and you need to adapt and learn quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Quality SEO work doesn’t mean just posting high quality content and repeating the same thing without reason. Because this collaboration extended to more than one year, part of our work was to constantly go over the structure of our campaigns and make changes when needed. For example, we updated the METAs after a few months to make sure they still reflected the content that was being posted on each page. Before starting each campaign, we checked the websites’ rankings to see if things were going according to plan and if we needed to try a different approach. Also, our SEO efforts were aligned with the product categories that the client wanted to expose more – around Christmas, we focused on increasing the rankings of Christmas-related phrases; the same for Valentine’s Day.


Chip and Pin Card Payments – a new challenge

The third and most recent project we worked on with this client is, a company specializing in card payment machines for businesses. It was a completely different niche from the other two and a more competitive one. The client chose the Corporate SEO campaign and asked us to improve rankings for a considerable list of non-location specific keywords. From a list of about 30 keywords and LSIs, only three had already been indexed.

Start of the campaign

Before starting to write the content for the campaign, we noticed that the website had a medium volume of duplicate content under the form of card payment machine descriptions, duplicated both within the site and on other sites. We fixed this as part of the Onsite Optimization process and then continued with the content. To date, we’ve completed three SEO campaigns for, the last one focusing mostly on High PR Blog Posts. Due to the high competition of the client’s niche, the project was a slow starter, but, now, three months after the first campaign, we are starting to see the first major improvements. In parallel with link building strategies, we are also working on updating the site with original and fresh content and the client has agreed to start a blog with informative articles.

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