3 years of top positions and counting


3 years of top positions and counting

  • 10 Oct 2016

A large online store with dozens of categories and subcategories needs a lot of work in terms of SEO, but not job is too difficult or complex for us. The Ribbon Room is perhaps one of the biggest sites we’ve ever optimized and also a major success story. When the first Ribbon Room project started, more than three years ago, the site was ranking with some very specific keywords, but it was definitely not enough for consistent leads. Now, even the most competitive keywords rank as #1.

The Ribbon Room has completely overshadowed its competitors and has amazing results on Google.co.uk, in spite of all the Google updates rolled out over the years. If you want to know how we did it and what makes this long term project an excellent SEO case study, then this blog post might interest you.

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