Success for Gold Coast sports center


Success for Gold Coast sports center

  • 3 Jun 2016

Gold Coast Super Center is exactly what its name state a super center of sports, where people have the possibility to take part to many different activities, but even if the services provided by it are high-quality ones, they find difficult to reach their target clients considering that there are so many sports centers in the area. The main issue was that they were not able to get their website to rank in the search engines, and they understood that they need professional help.

Since our collaboration started, we have analyzed the way their site is designed and organized, and we suggested them different strategies of optimizing their website. In the services we provided for Gold Coast Sports Center we included keyword research, onsite optimization, content writing, link building and social media. Taking these SEO tools separately, they do not seem to work, but when building a strategy based on all of them, we managed to get this website in the top 10 pages of Google.

Gold Coast Sports Center is one of our long term projects, and we are proud of the success we managed to achieve for it.