Top 10 for a personal trainer in Sherwood Park


Top 10 for a personal trainer in Sherwood Park

  • 3 Jun 2016

Sherwood Park Personal Training is another business that obtained amazing results on after one campaign containing original, highly quality, location-specific content. This client did not have to wait to achieve high ranking. Out team managed to convince Google that they deserve and they have earned their desired ranking.

Our work was centered on building a universal profile for the business. We inevitably started with taking keywords and seeing which ones are worth keeping. In order to determine how the keywords were performing in the search engines, our team has a little bit of rank analysis. Once we determined that “Sherwood Park personal trainers” should be prioritized, we gave it more attention in our campaigns.

By creating a unique offering and establishing a core branding, our team has succeeded in promoting Sherwood Park Personal Training.