Top 3 for masonry in Ottawa


Top 3 for masonry in Ottawa

  • 3 Jun 2016

Integrity Masonry is a Canadian company that provides stone masonry and bricklaying services to people who live in Ottawa. The very first moment they came to us and requested our help, back in 2015, they were either poor ranked or not ranked at all in the most popular search engine, Google. They needed an improvement fast.

We first listened to their needs and then started working on their website. We performed onsite optimization and applied different strategies related to keywords and link buildings in order to improve their ranking. In only five months, they managed to reach the very first page on Google and even be the first search results the moment people searched for masonry in Ottawa.

Our work was not easy, but we managed to give our best and improve the ranking of Integrity masonry in a very short period. Through our help, they have managed to be in Top 3 for masonry companies in Ottawa.