Top 3 for PR agency in Melbourne


Top 3 for PR agency in Melbourne

  • 3 Jun 2016

Keep Left is a PR and content marketing agency that sought for our help long ago. The moment we started this project with them, they had poor ranking on Google and few people heard of them or looked for them on search engines. However, things got a lot better in a very short period, and through our help, they have managed to get in Top 10 search results on Google, which is quite an improvement.

We have always treated all of our clients with professionalism, including Keep Left. We resorted to various SEO techniques and strategies in order to make everything better and improve the ranking of this client. Keyword strategy, link building strategies or onsite optimization are only three examples of tasks our work consists of.

Our team of SEO specialists pays great attention to every detail and in the case of Keep Left the results speak for themselves.